If You Are Traveling to Singapore for a Vacation You Might Want to Consider Getting Travel Insurance

If you happen to be traveling to Singapore, or any foreign country for that matter, it is always a good idea to get travel insurance. Most travel insurance provides the following protections and benefits; emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation, cancellation or trip interruption, missed departure, personal liability, legal expenses, personal belongings or baggage losses, and personal accident.

Singapore is a world class city and an economic superpower in the making. They are well known all over the world for having one of the busiest and most efficient ports anywhere, that handles a great deal of the shipping between Asia, and either America or Europe. The city just recently celebrated the opening of most of the most expensive casinos ever built in the world. Below you will find out more about it, and some of this wonderful cities other tourist hot spots.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore – What can you say about this one of a kind building that is sure to become the signature structure the city is known for, just like the Sidney Opera House or the Empire State building. They even built an entire park on its roof called the “Sands SkyPark” that has stunning gardens, luxurious greenery, a 360 degree view of the city, and some of the most delicious and scrumptious restaurants found anywhere.

Universal Studios Singapore – If you are bringing your kids with you, then make sure you visit the Universal Studio amusement park, or else you are going to be in big trouble with your children. The park has all of the great rides and shows, just like you would find at their sister parks back in the US.

Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands – Once again, the buildings at this establishment are a must see attraction. The “Hand” amphitheatre is simply out of this world, and it puts on some of the best concerts on the planet. The museum itself displays many ancient Chinese priceless pieces of artwork and pottery, making it a must stop for any and all art lovers.

Raffles Hotel – What else is there to so about one of the most famous and glamorous hotels in the world. It was one of the first hotels built in Singapore and has been maintained beautifully. During the second World War, the Japanese invaders took it over and used it as their command center.

The owner of the hotel likes to tell a joke about what her guests say when they first see it and stay in it. She says, “When people first walk into the lobby, they say, OH my God, I have never seen anyplace so beautiful. Then when they are checking out and get their first look at their bill, they say OH my God once again”, because it is so high.

Singapore is a wonderful city to not only visit, but to live in. If you are a first time traveler to this wonderful destination, please make sure everything goes as you expect it to, and protect yourself fully by obtaining travel insurance for your Singapore holiday.

Travel Insurance In Asia – Free Tips from Cheap Minute Airline Tickets

After you have made all your reservations and get the cheapest airplane ticket possible, you are not totally done yet. Yes, if you want to avoid trouble during your trip you better make sure you have your travel insurance properly completed.

Whenever you are planning a trip, whether for vacation or business, you should always be well prepared. Obtaining Travel Insurance before departure will help you avoid any troubles and stress you may encounter. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your belongings and safety are insured.

When you are reserving your flight ticket, I suggest that you always include the cancellation insurance. Most of online airline ticket reservation services provide this service and it is very cheap. So it would be foolish to take the risk. Cancellation fees do not necessary allow you to cancel your flight in all cases, but at least for any medical problems or any major reasons you should be able to get a refund or at least part of it. Of course, some tickets allow you to cancel your flight in any circumstances, but usually it is an option available for more expensive flight tickets.

After that, you will have to get good Travel Health Insurance. The choice depends on your current health condition, the country you are visiting, as well as your country of residence. If your current Health Insurance has full and unlimited coverage valid in any country then you will not need to buy a new one. However, most of the time insurance includes terms which don’t allow you to exceed a certain cost. In some cases, you will have a maximum limit clearly defined. This fee is generally based on the public medical care fee of your resident country. So if you are not sure, you should check this particular point before making your decision. And of course, you will need to get an idea of the fee normally applied in the country you want to visit.

For example, if you are planning to travel around Asia and you come from Europe, you won’t necessarily encounter problems in most places. But be aware that countries like Singapore or Australia can be more expensive than certain European countries. I know some people get a big surprise when they go back to their country and asked the insurance company to refund the bills.

In case, you have a fixed amount clearly specified inside your insurance policy. I suggest you to use another Health Travel Insurance. Just to be on the safe side. You never know what’s going to happen. It is already hard enough to be involved in any kind of accident during holidays. You should not have to worry about your ability to cover the charges during your illness. In many countries they won’t accept you in the hospital unless you show them solid insurance proof or a full charged credit card.

Another point to check before your departure is to make sure, whatever insurance you decide to use, that it includes repatriation. There are some places in Asia, you would prefer to wait on the plane rather than be healed in their hospital. Especially when you are staying far away from big city.
You would like also to check if your travel insurance covers the loss of luggage, or the cost of a missing flight, etc. Some Insurance will even cover your lost money. Check the maximum coverage for each item; check the terms and conditions, etc. It seems to be a lot of work, but it really can help you make your vacations more relaxing.

After all of this is done. Don’t forget to make photocopies of all your documents and keep it in a separate place. And finally, enjoy and have a nice trip.

Notes About the Bus Companies in Singapore

The main focus of the bus companies in Singapore are Golden Mile Complex. Some are just a simple shop with out a site, even though some are well-recognised brand names with great client service.

Most of them can assist you with obtaining a seat on a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

Out of the numerous bus transport businesses I have visited, I personally like Grassland Express and StarMart Express Air Liners for their pleasant service.

Grassland Express

Grassland Express is a bus firm in Singapore providing coach, resorts, excursions and cruise solutions

For coach providers to Malaysia, it departs from Golden Mile Complex to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang and Malacca.

Grassland Express Departure Times

Singapore-Penang ($50; 9 hours; departs at 9:45pm, 10pm). Singapore-Malacca ($25; 5 hours; departs at 7:30 pm). Its branch at Boon Lay Procuring Centre is the pick-up point to go to Ipoh, Butterworth.
Singapore-Ipoh ($45; 9 hrs; departs at 9am, 10:45am, 12pm). Singapore-KL ($35; five hours; departs at 7am, 7:45am, 9am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 8:30pm, 7pm, 9:15pm, 9:45pm, 11:30pm).

The Grassland Coach

The facilities are really pleasing the traveler. The super VIP coach has one common Television facility and 26 seats. The additional expensive Royal VIP delivers individual LCD TVs, is much more spacious with added legroom, twenty seats.

Each are possibly single/double decker coaches. The employees at Grassland Express answered politely to queries and you can purchase tickets from the workplace instantly.

StarMart Express Air Asia Liners

StarMart Express Air Asia Liner provides great tour packages. They offer full service for tour planning and travel arrangement. They provides air ticketing, visa, travel insurance and world class resort reservation apart from the coach service they are doing.
Its service includes offering a bus from KL to Singapore.

StarMart Express Air Asia Liners Departure Time Schedules

The company departs from Golden Mile Complex to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang- Butterworth, Taiping and Malacca.
Singapore-KL ($30; five hrs; departs at 8am, 9am, 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 10pm, eleven:30pm)

Singapore-Penang-Butterworth ($45; 9 hrs; departs at 10 pm)

Singapore-Taiping ($forty; 8 hours; departs at 10:30am)

Singapore-Malacca ($25; five hrs; departs at 10:30am, 11:30am)

The StarMart Express Air Asia Liner Coach

StarMart Express makes use of the red-white “executive snoozer coach” with two widespread LCD TVs. It is possibly single deck 27 seats, or double deck, 38 seats.

Obtain tickets immediately at the office with the friendly workers who assisted me willingly with queries.

DBS Bank Singapore – How to Buy Cheap Travel Insurance Online

DBS Bank provides various kinds of insurance. Travel insurance is one of them. Travel insurance of DBS Bank has many new features and benefits. The insurance provides S$1,000,000 for emergency evacuation and medical assistance. It provides S$500,000 for accidental injury. Online application form is available for emergency needs. 24 hour helpline is also available for immediate need and help. This bank offers discounts for limited period and festivals. They offer 15% premium discount for signing up before September 30. There are many types of plans. There are Premier, Classic, Single Trip and Annual plans. Each plan has different covers and benefits.

Premier plan covers for travelling to dangerous spots. Classic plan covers for normal tourist places. Single Trip provides limited covers. Annual plan is for frequent travellers. Moreover, it offers unlimited covers. This bank has branches all over Singapore.

Key Branches of DBS Bank, Singapore:

Great World City Branch – Great World City, Singapore

Bukit Timah Branch – Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore

How to buy cheap online travel insurance?

DBS Bank offers discounts at various occasions. Other banks also offer discounts and covers. Since there are numerous insurance plans, you should carefully choose the right plan. In order to select a proper insurance, deep analysis and comparison is mandatory. You can visit websites of different banks and collect information. Details like discounts, covers, payment period and insurance amount is important. You can compare these details. Then you can choose a plan according to your financial status and needs. You can also apply directly in online.

Asia Travel Insurance – Don’t Forget the Credit Card

When traveling to Asia everyone recommends that you have travel insurance when you come, this is especially true for Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Trying to find the right travel insurance plan can be a daunting exercise, especially if you seek adventure in your holiday travel diet, like mountain trekking, parachuting, riding 50cc motorcycles, scuba diving, and traveling on small boats. Most holiday travel specific insurance plans will allow some limited adventure activities, like 14 days of scuba diving, but they put restrictions on it, and unless you are an expert, chances are good that you could end up in a loop hole, and be denied coverage.

In the US if you’re employed, and you have group insurance through work, the coverage will more often cover the high risk stuff that will not be covered by specialty travel insurance. The group work insurance companies can afford to do it, as the risk is spread over a much larger group, with more people in a class, and most will not be doing fun stuff! So keeping your regular insurance when traveling, if you can, is a good idea. Most employers, if you are on sabbatical, or just on a long vacation, will have a way for your insurance to continue if you pay the premiums. Talk to your human resources department about this, they love to talk about stuff like this. If you lose your job, you may also be able to continue the insurance under the Cobra laws, a very good thing for you to look at closely when you are telling the boss to stick it.

Most people in the dive industry will tell you that DAN Master Insurance or DAN Preferred plan, are the preferred scuba diving specific policies, as they will cover you regardless of the depth. These policies cover evacuations, recompression which can be up to 25thousand USD and DAN knows where the recompression chambers are, and the fastest way to get you there, safely. The DAN Insurance will also cover you while you are on vacation more than 100 miles from home, this includes their evacuation coverage, So you might consider getting it even, if you are not a hard core diver. DAN understands divers needs better than a regular insurance company, as they are a non profit organization dedicated to diver safety and dive research, and a dedicated 24 hour hotline and they can really be a lifesaver when you need the expert help as they have doctors on the end of the line that are used to talking to people in emergencies all over the world, and these DAN policies for the coverage they provide are very cheap for the value you will get. The DAN Insurance is meant as a secondary coverage, so keeping your work insurance valid is a good idea. I have heard of dive companies in the US hiring their instructors as independent contractors, and telling them to get the DAN Insurance, to avoid the costs of Workman’s Compensation afforded to workers covered under the Jones Act.

Credit Cards for insurance?

We have seen people refused time and again by the hospitals to accept travel insurance in South East Asia, especially Cambodia, Some of the major hospitals like Bumrangard in Bangkok will accept, but for most it is cash only, and then they will fill out the forms with you to get you reimbursed, by your insurance company, which as you can probably guess, will take a bit of time and who by the way will usually require that you provide the translation as well, so get it done where you are here, rather than bringing it home to a surprise translation bill as well. I suggest that everyone bring a credit card, with lots of limit, and a pin number. Cash is the best thing to have on your side in an emergency and a credit card is the safest way to carry it. Believe me, your best bet in an emergency is to get to Thailand or Singapore, and then back to your home country, or to some place that understands dive medicine, as quickly as possible, and not having enough ready cash can slow you down. Some credit cards have evacuation benefits if you are hurt while traveling, they might also have some legal help as well.

Some high end, and travel specialty credit cards, sometimes will have some coverage as well for other travel related stuff that can be useful, like getting your stuff replaced if it is ripped off, not a bad thing to review or consider when applying for a credit card.

At the end of the day the best insurance is not to get hurt, so please keep your brain switched on, and easy on the booze. A large number of accidents happen while under the influence, make sure that you are not one of them.